Dear Ketchum


My name is Neil Bradshaw and I announced my candidacy for Mayor of Ketchum in June. Since then, I have knocked on many doors and met with many residents and stakeholders in our community. I have enjoyed these conversations and have found it to be one of the most rewarding parts of my campaign so far – connecting with people, sharing ideas, having a laugh and swapping stories.

Many of these conversations resonate, but three themes stand out to me:

Residents and stakeholders have many great ideas for our city’s future on a number of issues, but our community doesn’t feel that those ideas are being heard or encouraged by City Hall.

People are worried about our housing situation and they fear that without a solution, it will be challenging for young families to live here, difficult for businesses to find employees and that year-round vibrancy will continue to decline.

Most of us believe that life-balance is important. Our community doesn’t just want “more,” and we certainly don’t want excess or waste. We do want to feel safe and connected, and we do want to have time to pursue passions and be with our friends and family.

I believe that most of us choose to live here because we are seeking the rhythm and balance of life in a mountain town. The rhythm that comes from our seasons and creates periods of intense activity, as well as times to breathe and be still – the balance that comes from having more time to connect with family and friends, the arts, and the outdoors.

I believe recognizing, preserving, and protecting the rhythm and balance of life in a mountain town is important not only to our citizens but to our city’s success as a mountain resort destination for our visitors.

My vision for Ketchum is a town where City Hall partners with our community, engaging our rich reservoir of expertise and ideas to solve our challenges. That is why I am running for mayor. Ketchum citizens deserve a City Hall that listens to good ideas, works for the community and helps create a future we all want.

I look forward to speaking with as many of you as I can during the remaining months of my campaign and continuing a genuine discussion about issues that are important to you and our community.

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  • annette frehling says

    hi of my biggest concerns since nina became mayor is how the city feels neglected…two summers in a row i have contacted her regarding town square and how it was not being kept clean…areas of dirt not planted…and trash overflowing on weekends…it was often embarrassing as a ketchumite to see it so filthy…i do admit she responded and there was slight improvement but that every year it was left for someone to complain is not okay…also the parking lot behind souchi on second was a disgusting mess until i called her…crews were out the next day however it seems no one has kept it clean…also..many empty and neglected lots are in our town core…again until i pointed it out to her…was nothing done…when it was she did respond and some of the lots were cleaned up…even trees that we pay an arborist to attend to had to be called on before attention was paid to them…every year since her election it seems the town has become neglected and pretty much needing attention that it does not get until i complain…and i’m not a complainer…never did before her becoming mayor…the upkeep of our city core…it’s parking lots and town square as well as weed control on neglected and vacant lots is very important to me and she has failed miserably….so glad u are running…i will get the word out…thanks for taking this on….annette frehling

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