Neil Bradshaw to Run for Mayor of Ketchum, Idaho

Neil Bradshaw to Run for Mayor of Ketchum, Idaho


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Neil Bradshaw for Mayor
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Neil Bradshaw to Run for Mayor of Ketchum

Challenger Wants to Use Citizens’ Ideas and Expertise on New City Hall and Housing

KETCHUM, ID – June 9. Local resident and Ketchum Innovation Center (KIC) President, Neil Bradshaw, announced his candidacy for Mayor of Ketchum today. Bradshaw says,

“Solutions to important local issues are not being heard because local experts and highly qualified people who wish to volunteer their time are being turned away from city hall. Our city government should be a partner to the community and not a gatekeeper. That is why I am running.”

If elected, Bradshaw wants to immediately get to work on facilities for our emergency services and a new city hall, as well as address, head on, Ketchum’s housing issues.

“We know we absolutely need new facilities for fire, police, and city staff. Members of our community have outlined how to solve this problem for less than a third of what the current administration proposed last year. As Mayor, I want to take those suggestions and serve the community by first listening to the community. Immediately after that, we act. That is community inspired leadership and it is time for action.”

As president of the board of directors for the Ketchum Community Development Corporation (KCDC) since its inception in 2008, Bradshaw spearheaded many successful community projects, from creation of Town Square and the 4th Street Heritage Corridor, to the planning and completion of a 32-unit housing development for Ketchum residents.

“In working on these various projects in partnership with others, I learned that our community is rather resourceful” says Bradshaw. “As head of the KCDC board my role was to give the volunteers the tools and support they needed to succeed and then get out of the way!”

The workforce housing development, Northwood Place, is rental housing which now allows residents to live close to where they work. Bradshaw worked with local volunteers to successfully plan and finance the project and he wants to continue this effort to bring more housing options to the city.

“The shortage of middle-income rental housing is a huge problem for local businesses that need employees, and for young people who want to stay in the community and build a future,” says Bradshaw. “It should not only be a high priority for the city, but it needs to happen. If we act now and build on the success of Northwood Place, we can ensure our city will be able to retain the employees and families it needs to continue to be a vibrant community and favored destination for visitors. Unfortunately, without support of city officials, the last four years have been lost.”

“I’m running for mayor of Ketchum because it’s time to create a local government that not only listens to everyone but also trusts the talented, experienced, and innovative members of our city. Every citizen deserves a city hall that works for the community and welcomes residents to help bring about a future we all want,” says Bradshaw. “We have challenges but many of those issues can be overcome by listening to our citizens, involving them in creating solutions, and then following through on those promises rather than hiring expensive consultants with little to no understanding of the uniqueness of our valley.”

Neil Bradshaw has lived in Ketchum for more than 12 years. He is a Business Advisor and Principal with Murphy Business and Financial of Southern Idaho. When not working, Neil spends time with his 14 year old son, Caelin. To recharge, he enjoys golfing, cooking, and climbing the peaks of Idaho and beyond. Neil recently married his long-time friend and local, Ivana Radlova.

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  • dianne perreyclear says

    After listening to Neil’s presentation tonight, I am definitely voting for him. He has tremendous leadership energy….the kind that gets people moving. I would very much like to work on his campaign.
    Info below.

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